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Due to unforseen circumstances, we are forced to cancel Csocsek festival.
We are very sorry not to be able to welcome you at the event this year.
You will be compensated for the ticket purchase in the course of this week.
We will do our best to redress the cancellation by offering an even better Balkan bash in the future!




Dance, Rhythm, Spirit. The all-Balkan genre can be traced back to Ottoman military bands, and has developed innumerable variants over the centuries. A stable accompaniment to weddings and village parties it has lived on thanks to, and is mostly played by Roma musicians. Its pattern is typically 9/8,  2-2-2-3 or 2-2-3-2  division, but styles and patterns vary. One thing is for sure: cocek will make you dance!.


The picturesque beauty of Szentendre has inspired resident artists, visitors and locals for centuries. The town’s trademark Serbian, Dalmatian and Greek influences, laidback Mediterranean mood, a thriving art scene and infectious joie de vivre was felt each year at local band Söndörgő’s festivals between 2001 and 2006. Csocsek carries on this legacy with fiery rhythms, family fun and Southern flavours by the beach.


The organizers aim to show aspects of Southern Slav culture beyond worn-out sterotypes. Flavours, scents and music preserving the touch of centuries and peoples, always absorbing, never stale. The Balkans are closer than you think: this region is rich with organic layers of tradition and an invincible vitality.


Söndörgő Festival sprang from the tradition of Szentendre’s Serbian Feast, in the form of an a contemporary all-arts event. The celebration held annually between 2001 and 2006 popularized local Serbian heritage to a wider public. The atmosphere of a communal kolo dance in the yard of the Orthodox Church can be relived at Csocsek in 2018, with Söndörgő as hosts.


If you wish to have a dip, you can do so right next to the festival’s site. We ask you to enjoy the location responsibly, do not litter or harm the natural environment, and be mindful of your personal safety.

Please use the HelloPay system or your card for payments on the festival site. Paying with cash is not possible – we hope this doesn’t cause any inconvenience.

Getting There

By Boat

Two times a day Mahart Excursion Boats set out for Szentendre. The boats leave from Vigadó and Batthány squares. Purchasing tickets online is reccommended to avoid queueing. For more information visit the Mahart website.


On the Pest side, a continuous bike path leads all the way to the Northern Railway Bridge, on the Buda side you can cycle on bike paths and roads all the way to Szentendre. For a detailed route plan, we suggest using Google Maps, or the Hungarian site developped specifically for cycling: merretekerjek.hu .

Suburban Rail (HÉV)

During the festival, the Suburban Rail (HÉV) operates on an extended schedule until 00.30 am. For details please consult the Public Transport Company’s schedule.